What does it mean to be a net positive brand & run an enviromental marketing campaign?

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  • Brands have a powerful platform with consumers, suppliers, and other stakeholders
  • When developing a stance on major global issues like climate change, plastics pollution, and community impact, it is critical to have a third party perspective
  • We help brands build next generation impact business models & environmental marketing campaigns, responsibly and accurately using data and insight

Our Approach to Data-Driven & Environmental Marketing Campaigns

We protect and enhance brand equity by developing data-driven models to track impact on a multitude of CSR initiatives:

What is an environmental marketing campaign?

Our clients trust Third Partners to develop impact campaigns that support business goals. We can support in a variety of ways: as a component of your strategy or as a fully-outsourced solution. We provide custom analytics for first-time impact claims, third-party assurance of existing analyses and claims, and agency support for companies seeking to develop claims, copy, and creative. Our targeted analytical approach produces the right amount of data to support impact claims and promote your brand’s sustainability goals and achievements. We help our clients develop accurate copy and avoid misleading claims / greenwashing.

Case Study: Askov Finlayson

Askov Finlayson needed a partner to co-develop a climate change impact model that would demonstrate bold leadership on climate change mitigation. The brand needed to quantify its true climate footprint in order to develop a net positive impact model that supports innovative causes across education, agriculture, and energy. Third Partners analyzed AF’s global production and operational impact using data models including the HIGG Index, LCA databases, and other custom quantitative techniques. We worked closely with Askov’s production and marketing teams to develop a narrative around the climate impact methodology. 

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