ReScore Group, a collaborative research group of which Third Partners is a member, conducted a benchmarking study on best practices in sustainability data management.



The study is based on survey responses from 60 global companies from various industry sectors (manufacturing, food, chemicals, logistics, energy, aviation, finance, apparel), of different sizes (from $1M to >$90Bn in revenue) and from different countries (26 North America, 23 Europe, 11 Asia).

Key Findings

  • A majority of respondent companies are publicly disclosing sustainability data
  • Companies disclose sustainability data primarily to improve image with stakeholders
  • Materiality analyses are increasingly common, but not all companies are satisfied with the exercise
  • Almost all respondents follow a sustainability standard (e.g. GRI) and/or respond to rating agencies (e.g. CDP)
  • Defining the right content is the main challenge in sustainability reporting, even for experienced sustainability practitioners
  • Sustainability reporting is increasingly focused on the supply chain

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