Get everyone aligned on what “sustainability” means to your organization.

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  • A Materiality Assessment gives you a nuanced definition of sustainability for your organization
  • Create a consensus & understanding between departments on issues that impact value and performance

  • Gather information from internal & external stakeholders for a robust, well-rounded evaluation

Our Approach to Materiality Assessments

Case Study: Memorial Sloan Kettering

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City has been at the forefront of sustainability in the health care sector for the past decade, winning PracticeGreenHealth “Top 25” Award as a top program in the country several times. MSK needed to demonstrate the value of sustainability to the broader organization and create a forum for strategic discussions between teams. MSK also sought to determine which sustainability issues were important to its stakeholders. Third Partners deliverables included convening sessions with executive leadership and management across the organization, an all-employee survey, a materiality matrix of its key sustainability issues, and a report with themes and strategic recommendations.

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