Third Partners is proud to support the sustainability program at the home furnishings retailer Room & Board. In advance of building its sustainability department, Room & Board engaged Third Partners to conduct a materiality study and opportunity assessment. This work shaped the areas of focus for Room & Board and its newly hired sustainability director, Emily McGarvey.

As McGarvey recently told Twin Cities Business, “Sustainability is both exciting and sometimes difficult because it involves asking people to work in a new way. And change can be hard. By partnering with supply chain vendors, peers, and customers, we can work together to positively impact society & the world.”

McGarvey also explained, “Prior to my joining Room & Board, Third Partners completed a materiality assessment which identifies and values the importance of environmental, social and governance issues. This was great work. I was able to leverage the materiality assessment, along with benchmarking and Room & Board’s current work, to quickly create our sustainability strategic framework.”

Third Partners supports ESG, CSR, and sustainability teams in all phases of maturity. For companies establishing a new department, we prepare for certain success.

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